The Roof Dentist & Covid-19

Safely Helping Melbourne with Emergency Roof Repairs
Andrew at The Roof Dentist

We thank you for your patience during these difficult times

– Andrew Gray, The Roof Dentist

As Melbourne enters lockdown restrictions, we wanted to update our customers on how we are operating during this time:

  • The Roof Dentist is available for emergency roof repair services
  • Non-emergency roof repair services can be booked in with us and completed as soon as the lockdown restrictions in Melbourne have been lifted
  • Although we mainly work outside in the fresh air, we are still practicing extremely high hygiene standards including thorough cleaning of equipment and frequent sanitizing of all Roof Dentist employees
  • Social distancing measures are in place at all times
  • We pride ourselves on over 30+ years’ experience providing outstanding roof repair services to our customers.
  • If it’s not urgent – don’t risk your roof repairs. We will fix your roof the right way the first time – without compromise, when lockdown restrictions are lifted
  • Fully licensed, registered and insured (Plumbing Req No.36232 | RBP CB-L 24123)
  • We provide you with the best value for money possible

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