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Roof Repair Companies In Melbourne and Throughout Victoria In Awe At Rogue Roof Repair Travelling Con Men.

Transcript of Video Regarding People Receiving Poor Workmanship for Cash.
Fake door to door salesmen are ripping off elderly home owners effected by recent storms.  Consumer affairs has launched an advertising campaign aimed at helping people identify the travelling con men. Instead of fixing Mr Kelly’s roof rogue tradesmen caused even more damage.
” All the cracked tiles and breaking tiles are still up there, they just painted over most of them”

He lost three thousand dollars to travelling con men who came knocking on his door, he now needs to pay more than $5000, 00 to fix the problems caused by their shoddy work. “It’s devastating, it’s not easy to get that sort of money together, and to try and improve your house”

Mr and Mrs Brinsley live across the road and lost more than five thousand dollars to the same dodgy workmen, they’ll now need to spend up to Fifteen Thousand Dollars to fix their leaking roof. “I’m really angry and I’m disgusted in how people can actually to that to you”

The travelling con men came prepared with professional looking flyers like this, and pressured their victims to pay cash.
Consumer Affairs said “They are quite convincing, they know exactly what they are doing, they know who to target”

Consumer Affairs has launched a campaign with Crime Stoppers to warn people, more than four hundred thousand dollars was lost across the state in the twelve months to the end of June, since then another eighty nine thousand dollars has been handed over to dodgy roof tradesmen.

“I trust people maybe too quickly, I think I might have learned my lesson there, which is really bags out, I don’t trust anybody and that’s not nice” And if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is Melina Seven News.

The Roof Dentist Melbourne is a Fully Qualified Professional Roof Repair Company Based in Box Hill in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs.

Andrew Gray of The Roof Dentist would like to give some advice to people who are thinking about using a roof repair service in Victoria.
Andrew would also like to help people that have fallen victim to rogue roof repair con men like those in the video, if you have been conned by these travelling so called tradesmen then give The Roof Dentist a call and we will come along and give you a competitive quote to get your roof fixed properly fast.

We will do our best to help with a low cost roof repair quote to get your roof repair done right first time, Andrew say’s that we will keep our costs as low as we can to help reduce the impact of this terrible situation.
We are highly experienced professional roofers with over 30 years experience, we guarantee all of our work and we are a permanent local roofing company that stands by its work and its customers.

Advice to Avoid the Roof Repair Rogue Traders That Want to Rip Off People in Victoria.

1.    If a roofer knocks your door offering to repair your roof, be alarmed because most professional roofing companies do not have door to door salesmen, always ask for identification and a permanent local telephone number, most rogue traders will operate on cheap throw away mobile telephones, if they don’t have a permanent land line then they are probably not a local roofing contractor.

2.    Go online and search their business name, if they have no online presence no website or Google listings then again be alarmed as they are probably not who they say they are.

3.    If you find the business listed online then ring the number and speak to someone at the business before engaging their services. This is because rogue traders will often use the business names of real roof leak repair companies, if you call the business and they are not aware of a door to door salesman then close the door on him and call Consumer Affairs and or Crime Stoppers immediately.

4.    When online search for their business name and reviews like this “Roof Dentist Melbourne Reviews” this way you will see all the reviews that this particular business has online, if they have no online reviews then search roof leak repairs Melbourne and look for genuine roofing contractors with reviews, the best roof repair services will have review stars next to their listing which shows that they are a rated local roofing company.

5.    If a person posing as a roofing professional asks you to pay in cash then beware, a proper roofing contractor would never do this, they will have a variety of ways for you to pay and would never ask that you pay for your roof repairs in cash.

6.     Watch out if a roofer asks you to pay in advance of having works done, this is a real sign of a fly by night rogue trader.